FBC Staff Picks: Hungarian GP results

As Formula One heads into it’s summer break, a couple of FBC staffers made some big strides this weekend in Hungary. As season-long points leader Paul managed just a single point thanks to Alonso’s sixth place finish, Tony closed the gap between the two of them by more than half by correctly choosing Vettel for the win and Bottas for third. He’s now just eleven points back. Johnpierre, meanwhile, picked up those same thirteen points after having gone scoreless for the last seven races.

Though he’s still well back in last place, he is not quite as well back as he was! Dave also made a big jump this week with ten points from Vettel and, again, Alonso. With the battle for third place being so tight, those ten points vaulted Dave from sixth to a tie for third position with Tom, who managed to pick up two points himself with Verstappen in fifth. Todd, Grace and Andrew all failed to score this time out. Though that fight for third is still tight, it has now widened to twelve points between five staffers. And now we all have to sit back and bide our time for four weeks as the teams take their summer holiday. It’s going to be a long four weeks!


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