FBC Staff Picks: Japanese GP results

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Even though there were more points scored by FBC staffers in Japan than Malaysia, there still weren’t too many thanks to LewHam’s poor start. Granted, had he won, all of the points scored would have basically cancelled themselves out thanks to all of us having gone with the Brit over his race winning teammate. But, just as Rosberg extended his own points lead, so did Tony. The six points that he picked up via Max in 2nd place were the highest tally of any staffer. Grace picked up three points by way of Kimi and Daniel in 5th and 6th respectively, which moved her into a tie for 2nd with Todd, who also picked up two tics for Raikkonen in 5th.

Paul moved himself out of last place by way of correctly choosing both Ferrari finishing places, while Dave edged closer to 2nd spot with three points from Vettel. Andrew also picked up two points for Raikkonen, making that the smart pick of the week with more than half of the staffers picking up ground with the Finn. Tony now has a nineteen point lead, which is the largest of the season so far, a season in which five of eight staffers have held a lead which changed seven times in the first thirteen races. But having held that top spot now for five rounds, can Tony keep it for the remaining four?



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Paul KieferJr

…and my 12 points keeps me ahead of all of you. :D

Johnpierre Rivera

very nice Paul….

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