FBC Staff Picks: Malaysian GP results

Remember those two folks that I mentioned last week? Dave and Tom? Remember how they were the only ones predicting that not every single one of the top six finishers in Malaysia would be in a Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull? Well guess who finished sixth in Malaysia! Those two picked up a point apiece for Sergio Perez. Tom’s point was enough to move him out of a last place tie with Paul, while Dave edged just a bit closer to the top three.

Speaking of the sharp end of the FBC Staff grid, Tony was amongst the five staffers to go scoreless this weekend thanks to an wild race, while Todd was the only other staffer to actually score this weekend. The three points he picked up for Kimi in 4th were enough to move him one point past Grace and into 2nd place in the standings. Had Raikkonen been able to mind that gap to Rosberg, Tony would have indeed extended his points lead, but alas. Ferrari, like everyone else, just has to wish on dumb luck and reliability woes to beat Mercedes.


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Paul KieferJr

Despite my goose egg, I’m still leading.