FBC Staff Picks: Singapore GP results

Apparently, I spoke too soon regarding Paul’s miraculous run of scoring in every race of the 2017 Formula One season. Either that or I jinxed him by bringing it up. Either way, even with his first goose egg of the year, The International still holds a commanding twenty-seven point lead over new second place staffer Todd.

The birthday boss was this week’s top scorer thanks to the Ferraris trying to win the race in the first corner. LewHam’s win and Bottas in the second Merc coming home in third landed Todd with thirteen points, vaulting him up from a tie for fifth position to the current runner up spot. Tom, who shared that fifth position with Todd, moved up to fourth with those same nine points for Hamilton.

Tony managed to only fall to third, having correctly chosen Bottas’ finishing position, while Dave also dropped one spot, but stayed in the game with those same four points. Andrew picked up two points for Perez in fifth, but the battle in the mid pack is so close that he still dropped from third all the way back to sixth. However, second through sixth are still only separated by nine points, so any one of them could easily move or down in two weeks’ time. Grace brought home points for Lewis’ win, but it’s going to be a hard fight for her to make up much distance to those staffers ahead of her. Johnpierre managed yet another scoreless race after having made up quite a bit of distance himself over the last couple of races.


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Johnpierre Rivera

but in my own way, these were the results i was looking for…. oh the mystery…