FBC Staff Picks: USGP results

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Well, the 2016 U.S. Grand Prix wasn’t the most exciting of races up at the sharp end, though there were some great drives and fights just a bit farther back. And so it was with the FBC Staff Championship. Tony was able to maintain his lead by taking Lewis for the win, but both Grace and Todd, tied for second, were able to make up a bit of ground by correctly choosing both of the Mercs finishing positions.

Johnpierre was this week’s big winner, however. By getting the top four finishers all right, JP gained a whopping twenty-two points, helping him move up to fourth spot, just six out of second! Also with points for both Hamilton and Rosberg, Andrew was also able to move up a position past a scoreless Dave. Paul also picked up nine points for LewHam’s win, further widening the gap between himself and Tom, who also failed to score this weekend. Now with just a week remaining until Mexico, we won’t have long to see if Rosberg is well and truly on his way to his first World Driver’s Championship or if his teammate is really back on track enough to change that outcome.



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Paul KieferJr

Still ahead despite my goose egg.

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