FBC Track Talk- Spanish Grand Prix

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Join Paul for a quick lap of the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona Spain. What to look for in this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.


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Todd, you mentioned in the preview podcast that you’d consider throwing this back in with the main episode. I’m all for that, or keeping it separate, but if you keep it separate, see if The International wants to expand this segment?

Negative Camber

In what way would you like it expanded? What particular topics or content would you like to see in them?


Just spitballin’ here, but what about if rain were in the forecast, where that would affect the track the most, narrating “An Engine’s Point of View,” where ERS is best harvested and deployed, which chassis might benefit from the respective track and how, etc. It might be too technical/not in line with the focus of the site for the audience’s liking (not that we wouldn’t understand or appreciate it though, and certainly not meaning any offense, but because you admit to such, I don’t think you took any offense). Is this forming any ideas for you? Sorry if that’s prickly… Read more »

Negative Camber

I don’t any of that would be overtly technical for any of us here, I can certainly ask Paul about it and see what he thinks.

Daniel Johnson

Paul is technical about the driving techniques, and that’s one thing that makes these track guides interesting. You could also ask about him adding some ways in which their setup for this track would be different compared to other tracks (softer suspension, is it a bumpy track etc).

Daniel Johnson

Every time I listen to one of Paul’s track guides I immediately think of “how long would it take for him to do the Nurburgring nordschleife”? I think you could have the week off Todd.

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