Feeling better Ferrari fans? Stefano is!

If you’re the team boss at Ferrari, you have to feel much better about your potential in 2013 than you did this time in 2012. The Ferrari of last year was ‘complicated’ and it took the might of all the King’s men and all the King’s horses to keep the car competitive throughout the year. Ultimately Ferrari lost the championship to Red Bull and team boss Stefano Domenicali still feels the energy drink team is the cream of the crop.

“I don’t know exactly where [we are], but for sure between the leaders,” the Italian declared.

“There are tracks where our car will perform better; there are certain tracks where some others will perform better than ours.

“For sure Red Bull, in my view, is still the strongest at the moment, but we will see.

“Mercedes have done a step, Lotus is very competitive. It will be an interesting and challenging season, but we will be there – no doubt.”

At this critical juncture in the season, getting on top of the new Pirelli tire compounds will be a goal number one in the first few races. Red Bull have been very vocal about their concern over tire degradation and teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes and even Lotus are trying to make the most of a hampered Red Bull RB9 chassis.

If Ferrari can develop an otherwise complicated 2012 car into a potential championship winning chassis, one has to feel they are poised to do even better in 2013 but then anything can happen in Formula One and usually does.

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