Fernandez to race Aston-works car in ALMS?

If you’re a fan of the ALMS series then there is little doubt you were surprised to hear the Adrian Fernandez shut his team down after winning the LMP2 category last year. Fernandez claimed the championship in his self-titled team and has always been a terrific guy in motorsport. Tragically the economic pressures of the current world economy saw Lowes, the main sponsor, withdraw leaving the team bereft of the cash it needed to participate in the 2010 season.

There may be good news for Fernandez fans according to AUTOSPORT however. According to reports, Fernandez may be close to signing a deal to drive a works-run Aston Martin Racing LMP1 coupe in the premiere races as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2010.

That is great news as I was very sad to see the Lowes Fernandez program canceled. Fernandez has always seemed like a great ambassador for the sport and competent driver/owner. It will be good to see him behind the wheel again in 2010.

“I’m talking to Aston, but right now there’s still a way to go to make it happen,” said Fernandez. “I hope we can finalise it by the end of the month.”

Fernandez has a varied past in racing with experience in NASCAR, ALMS and motorcycles. His career centered around the open-wheel series, CART, in America and 1999 was his best year finishing 4th in the championship. He also has raced in the Indianapolis 500 four times.

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