Fernando Alonso unhurt in plane incident

Fernando Alonso is unhurt, and not even aboard the plane come to find out, when his ride from Kenya back to Spain hit a building whilst parking and damaged a wing. Apparently Fernando was on holiday in Kenya where Flavio Briatore owns a villa. Story at Autosport.

“Fernando indeed had a plane incident yesterday,” a Renault spokesperson told autosport.com. “His aircraft touched a building and damaged its wing.

“Fernando and his family are fine. They will be flying back to Europe today. It’s apparently not as serious as some people are trying to make it sound.”

“It seems that the plane took a blow while they were parking it,” he was quoted as saying by The Associated Press. “Fernando wasn’t even inside the aircraft.

“We didn’t give it the slightest importance and because of that this commotion surprises us. It doesn’t even qualify as an accident.”

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