Fernando / Ferrari & Santander?

As if rumors weren’t reason enough to believe Fernando is going to Ferrari, Autosport has ran a story quoting ‘high level officials’ at Santander about their eminent move to Ferrari from current team McLaren.It is no secret that Santander went to McLaren when they signed Fernando for 2007 and have a close association with the Spaniard. If these ‘high level’ officials are right, Fernando could be heading for the Scuderia and Santander with him.

Now I don’t want to spread panic and cause civil unrest but is there a good reason Santander would leave McLaren and go to Ferrari instead of Renault if Fernando were staying at Renault? I think Fernando will look good in red. Trouble is, whoever his teammate might be; he’d wise to not look better in red than Fernando will. Toys and pram come to mind but beyond that, Fernando should have a contract like Schumi’s on his next move irrespective of if it’s with Ferrari or not.

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