Fernando certainly sounds aware of the new world of F1.  out with high salary drivers and in with young, development drivers.  Mold them like clay and seek the WC.  In a press conference in Turkey today Fernando said:

“Big names are going out and new young people will come in and become big names,” When prompted about JV and JPM leaving.
“This is what happens always. We lost Villeneuve but Kubica came in, who I think is a good driver and probably a star of the future,”

This is certainly something to be desired when trying to reduce the cost of F1 but what about the team who wants to put their best foot forward?  Is there a dollar figure too high for a driver of Fernando’s talent or Kimi?  Michael Schumacher has certainly earned every dollar as he puts butt’s in seats but what of the new model?  For the answer; I look toward Williams as Sir Frank has never been married to the driver.  Perhaps their Toyota lump will propel the team to new heights.  Ferrari and McLaren do not strike me as sparing the driver dollar to field a competitive change at the WC.

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