Ferrari agree to supply Marussia a 2014 engine

All signs say that Marussia (Manor GP) exited administration yesterday and it seems the intent is still to get the team on the grid in 2015. Having promised the FIA that they could get a 2015 compliant chassis ready no later than the Bahrain Grand Prix, the team are simply needing an engine. It seems they may have one.

According to Ferrari team boss, Maurizio Arrivebene, they will supply Marussia with an engine…a 2014 engine, however.

“We said yesterday that we are going to supply them with the 2014 engine,” Arrivabene said. “There is nothing in writing at the moment but our answer at the moment is yes.”

It may not be the latest and greatest engine and there is every chance Marussia would be slower than everyone else but if the intent is to get the team on the grid, then having a commitment from Ferrari is a good thing…especially as the team’s administration process most likely hung Ferrari out to dry over $16 million in engine supply fees from 2014.

Is it a testament to Ferrari’s desire to have more cars running their engine or is it simply charitable work from Italy? Running more engines only works if you have the current spec running. This allows the team to harvest much needed data on their engines in order to help improve them. Given that this is a 2014 lump, I’m not sure what would be gained here. So let’s chalk it up as good old fashioned charitable thinking…I know, that’s hard to imagine from a team as competitive as Ferrari.

Hat Tip: ESPN F1

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