Ferrari: Alonso will not be betrayed

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, who is actually attempting to quote Bild, Ferrari’s team boss Stefano Domenicali has assured new driver Fernando Alonso of no drama.

The allegation is being translated and perhaps from German to Italian to English so lets have some leniency on the actually statement but I think the general notion might be an interesting topic:

“When I spoke with Fernando what happened then told me that he felt betrayed – Domenicali says – and that her relationship with Lewis Hamilton has not always been smooth. In Maranello this will never happen, I can guarantee” .

Obviously this eludes to the time spent at McLaren and the dust-up with Lewis Hamilton. It remains to be seen just how new Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa will react or how Alonso will acquit himself but the message is sent, if this is an accurate translation, that Massa and Alonso will be kept in check.

Domenicali is keen to avoid any of the pitfalls that McLaren experienced with the Spaniard and it would do well to keep Alonso happy and competitive but just what if Massa is on par with or has a better pace due to a myriad of reason?

It’s clear that Ferrari were looking for another Schumacher and tried with Kimi Raikkonen only to land on former Renault driver Fernando Alonso. If the article is an accurate quote, it seems Domenicali also says that the team needed a another Schumacher, which could actually be a bad translation of something like, “Ferrari need a second driver that is a leader like Schumacher and Massa are”. Who knows?

What’s your opinion? MAssa lost the title by a point and has outpaced the much-touted Raikkonen for the past two years. Let’s break it down for discussion:

Can Massa beat Alonso and will he?

If so, how will the team react? Will they favor Alonso as #1 and will Massa stand still for it?

Is it better to place 2nd at Ferrari than 20th at Force India?

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