Ferrari and McLaren formally end spygate row

According to Autosport, Ferrari and McLaren have dropped all remaining litigation and outstanding issues revolving around 2007’s industrial espionage case.McLaren have released a statement today:

“In light of the formal closure in December 2007 of the FIA and FIA World Motor Sport Council proceedings against McLaren, and of McLaren’s public apology to Ferrari which we have reiterated, Ferrari and McLaren have agreed to bring the various disputes between them in relation to this matter to a final conclusion,”

Ferrari were quick to point out that they are not stopping their legal pursuit of Nigel Stepney.  Now maybe they can get back to that Play-nice-agreement they signed at Oz in 2007.  Nice to see this put to bed but no doubt the scars remain.  I am happy to see McLaren none the worse for the wear and riding high with Lewis at the helm.  After forking over the kind of cash they had to fork over; many teams would have been gone.  Wonder if Schumi and Todt are going to use some of the money for Max’s legal fund?  Under such professional guidance as the FIA you have to think the money is well taken care of.

McLaren has had little to say about any legal action against Coughlin.  Not sure if anyone has read an article on it or not but it seems to me that he compromised McLaren’s corporate position, branding and sponsors.  Surely there is a law suit in there somewhere.  They must be too busy hiding all the secret parts of the fatory from the Red Bull visit to actually follow up on Coughlin.  Feel free to post any Coughlin updates here.

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