Ferrari anger this week seems directed more at the racing gods

One word is being used a few times at the Ferrari website to talk about this weekend’s British Grand Prix: “cursed.”

The team’s rundown of the race — which highlights Fernando Alonso’s fastest lap — describes the race as a “cursed” one in its title.

However, the stop had not been enough to get him ahead of Kubica and by lap 16, Fernando was right up behind the Renault and was trying to pass him and one lap later, as he pulled alongside the Pole, he was forced to run wide over a kerb, but came out in front of the Renault. The Stewards took nine laps to decide to give the Spaniard a drive-through penalty for this move and he took it on lap 30. Unfortunately, this was immediately after the restart from a safety car period, so that Alonso had no option but to slide down the order. This ruined his race, because up to this point, Fernando looked set to make up for his poor start and was just one step away from the podium places, if he could pass Rosberg, as others in front of him such as Hulkenberg, had yet to pit.

And Stefano Domenicali, too, seems to think that something bigger than Ferrari (wait, is there anything in racing bigger than Ferrari?) may be to blame:

“We seem to be really cursed at the moment, when everything that could go wrong, does. We are not happy, but we must not feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, we have to react calmly, remaining focussed and continuing to work in the way we did over the past few weeks. We go home with no points, but with the knowledge that we have a potential, in terms of the car, the team and the drivers, that is up to the right level to deal with the situation. We must not allow ourselves to give in to frustration: I am sure that the results and the points that have been lacking for so many reasons recently, will come. Clearly, the championship situation is looking complicated but we remain convinced we can still fight for the title. We will continue to push on the development of the F10, confident in our chances to make up the ground we have lost up until today.”

Now, I’m not about to head down the road of “is it possible Ferrari is cursed?” But surely there are enough Ferrari non-fans out there who might think that what goes around is coming around to Maranello.

This is a decidedly different reaction to the team’s response to the European Grand Prix, in which the stewards and the safety car rules both were in Ferrari’s cross-hairs. Is it better? A bit more dignified? And s there any possibility is signals that the team did see something in its car to give hope that Alonso and Felipe Massa can compete during the rest of 2010?

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