Ferrari apologize for defacing 600-year-old Chinese monument


Ferrari aren’t making friends too quickly in China after a PR stunt on an ancient Chinese monument left tire marks and red faces amongst the Chinese community.

According to the BBC, a Ferrari press event on a 600-year-old Ming-dynasty era wall in the city of Nanjing went awry by what Ferrari called a single, reckless employee. The video can be seen here.

The BBC’s reporter on location said aside from the tire marks, there didn’t look to be any damage to the wall but the question some Chinese residents are asking is centered on discovering who gave Ferrari the right to use the monument for commercial purposes. City officials said:

“No enterprise or individual is allowed to use the city ramparts in Nanjing for commercial purposes,” Nanjing Cultural Relics Bureau Captain Wu Jing said.

While city officials claim they gave no approval, the BBC’s take on the event was interesting:

“The night-time spin, shortly after the car had been hoisted on to the wall, reportedly led to the cancellation of the event itself, a celebration of 20 years since Ferrari entered the Chinese car market.

The word Ferrari has now been blocked on Chinese microblogs, perhaps as part of an effort to contain criticism of the actions of government officials, our correspondent says.”

The event was to mark the 20-year anniversary since Ferrari entered China commercially. I can’t wait for the Horse Whisperer to call out China for their “polemics” soon.  Speaking of, has anyone heard from the Horse Whisperer lately?

Well, Ferrari hasn’t performed that well at the Chinese Grand Prix anyway and truth be told, China has another reason be suspect of those crazy Formula One people even more. I bet that single, reckless employee won’t be getting a year-end bonus any time soon.

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