Ferrari boss Marchionne blames ‘sporting arm’ of Ferrari?

I don’t want to read too much into this comment at a press conference but new Ferrari president, Sergio Marchionne, seems to already be setting a tone. Asked what Ferrari’s issue was, Marchionne told the press:

“We know the problem. We have a power unit problem,” he told the press.

“I have faith in Ferrari and its sporting arm, and that it will be able to resurrect as it did in the past.

“The sporting arm continues to be an essential element for Ferrari. We’ll work in order to try to win, because it’s part of this company’s DNA.

“The important thing is to get back to winning ways, this is essential. The problem is to regain on-track credibility for Ferrari.

“We must get there, and I don’t have the slightest doubt we’ll be able to do it.”

Now, I must admit that I have never heard Luca di Montezemolo draw such lines of division when stating something about Ferrari. In his mind, they were all Ferrari but for Sergio, it’s not only a Ferrari thing, it’s the “sporting arm” of Ferrari, which is not to be confused with the stellar-performing road car arm I suppose.

Careful with that axe Eugene, we might just think you’re drawing chalk lines all over Maranello and looking at Ferrari as a corporate, compartmentalized entity that has certain divisions that are to blame for the woes and this starts to betray that entire notion of Scuderia if you know what I mean.

Luca was all in…always. He made some tough choices but still referred to Ferrari as Ferrari. Not a sporting arm or a department or some boffins over there that do this boutique sort of thing.

Clearly Marchionne means Ferrari’s F1 team and I get the plot. How else would you describe the F1 team or sporting side of Ferrari which Sergio obviously views as a sum of its parts? As a CEO, that’s understandable and chances are there may be people rejoicing at Ferrari who have worked there many years and are ready for change. It’s just odd to hear that phrase or terminology as a fan because I don’t recall Luca drawing such distinctions all these years.

Yes, as a Ferrari fan I tend to parse words but it’s important to know what words mean. You can tell a lot from words and Marchionne’s words are different…in the end, maybe that’s a good thing?


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