Ferrari calls out media for falsifying rift between drivers

It’s not quite a Horse Whisperer post, but someone at Ferrari is unhappy with the media today.

In a post titled “False polemics,” the folks from Maranello launch into a defense of the team’s drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and claim there is no bad blood between them.

As always, Ferrari claims, everyone is focused on the ultimate goal: team success.

Maranello, 19 April – Some news outlets used some statements by Felipe Massa after the Chinese GP, which were somehow taken out of context: obviously someone is trying to create bad blood between the two drivers after Fernando Alonso’s overtaking manoeuvre of his teammate at the pit lane entrance on lap 19. Furthermore both drivers were very clear after the race: this episode won’t change anything at all regarding the relationship between the two. Felipe and Fernando are travelling back to Europe on the same flight, together with the Scuderia’s technicians.

A spokesperson for the team from Maranello said on the phone from Shanghai: “What happened yesterday with Fernando overtaking Felipe was just an episode in a race and I should be treated as such. Our drivers know how to behave on the track and they have shown it also this time. Naturally both want to win and they both bring fighting spirit to the races, while respecting a very simple rule: the team’s well-being is of more importance than the individual’s well-being.”

What I find most funny about this is I haven’t seen these reports; I’m seen plenty of pieces with headlines along the lines of “Ferrari plays now pit lane episode,” but I haven’t seen anything harsher. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places!

Still, good to see a little fire from Ferrari. They’ve been pretty benign lately.

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