Ferrari change exhaust system

Yes, GMM reports that Ferrari, after some concerns were leveraged by competitors, have changed their exhaust system to comply with FIA regulations but perhaps the more frustrating thing is the last part of GMM’s story:

It was reported that the 2009 Ferrari contravened the new bodywork regulations cracking down on aerodynamic appendages like winglets and other accessories.

It now emerges that Ferrari has modified the design so that the pipes do not protrude beyond the allowed tolerance above the surface of the bodywork.

It should be noted that Ferrari’s controversial design complied with the original 2009 regulations, but a clarification about exhaust pipes was subsequently made in September by FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting.

So here again, they were in compliance and then not. And then the FIA had to clarify which apparently it did again recently because Ferrari showed up with the same exhaust system approved and “clarified” in September. For crying out loud! Has the Magic 8-Ball recently taken a position as the FIA chief and we just don’t know it yet? Who is running this thing?

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