Ferrari develop ’08 and ’09 car

As Autosport accurately points out, many teams have been faced with the decision of continuing development on their current challenger or focusing all their resources on their 2009 challenger. All the rule changes set for next year has many suggesting that it may catch several teams off guard and level the playing field as no one knows how the knew KERS system, reduced aero or slick tires will react.

Ferrari have made a bold claim that while difficult, they are in a position to work on their 2009 car as well as aggressively continue development on their current F2008 car. The details and resource management must be mind boggling at this level of motorsport and with the new regulations for 2009, I can’t imagine how a team can manage this process with any real effect. Ferrari are prepared to start the building process of parts for the 2009 car and continued improvement for the F2008 car.

It is always been Ferrari’s direction that their cars are not designed on a blank, white sheet of paper every year. Ferrari have always “evolved” their car in a process of continued development on a winning platform so the idea of continued development may not be as arduous a task as building their 2009 car but still…an impressive feat none the less.

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