Ferrari extend Vettel contract for 3 years

Ferrari have become the masters of understatement in 2017 and much of that has been down to the media clam down they initiated at the beginning of the season. So it’s probably no surprise that the contract that extends Sebastian Vettel’s services for a hefty three years was a once sentence press release.

26 Aug 2017

Maranello (Italy) – Scuderia Ferrari has extended its technical and racing agreement with driver Sebastian Vettel for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 racing seasons of the Formula One World Championship.

I could write a lot of thoughts and stats and historic precedent here but if Ferrari care little about offering the press more information about their big announcement, who am I to try an add anything to their great news?

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Salvu Borg

a lot of people followed what some of the F1 media was pushing out regarding as to were Vettel will drive, The speculations were as usual “very FERRARI friendly”. The usual lot has now promptly turned their attention back to Alonso while still pushing the mclaren outing Honda theme. They needs something to speculate on.


Great for Vettel and Ferrari, just wish they’d been a bit more adventurous with the choice of team mate.