Ferrari gets political in India, flying Navy flag

Ferrari has a lot on their plate this weekend. Delivering the right setup for their car, picking the right strategy to win and hoping that Fernando Alonso will bring home the points to put him back in the lead of the driver;s championship…they also have to fly an Italian Navy flag in support of two sailors being held by India. The weekend just turned political and not in a Concorde Agreement way. Ferrari said:

“Scuderia Ferrari will carry the flag of the Italian Navy on the cars driven by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix.

In doing so, Ferrari pays tribute to one of the outstanding entities of our country, also in the hope that the Indian and Italian authorities will soon find a solution to the situation currently involving two sailors from the Italian Navy.”

While the Grand Prix in India launches this weekend, the fate of two sailors is between the two governments of Italy and india but ferrari are showing their support for what they feel is an unfortunate incident. The sailors were part of a security task force deployed to thwart pirates in the area while escorting a cargo ship. The sailors opened fire on fisherman they mistook for pirates and India, understandably, was outraged.

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