Ferrari: Hey, we’re serious. There’s nothing going on with our drivers



If you thought Ferrari were protesting a bit too much yesterday about media reports of a tiff between drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, well I’m here to tell you: You were wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Because today’s the day Ferrari officially has taken the protest to a whole new level, chiding the world a second (at least) time for insinuating there is the least bit of bad blood building between its drivers.

In another post on the Ferrari site, here’s what the drivers have to say. First, Felipe:

“As it happens quite often, there’s always someone who wants to create some confusion. The situation between me and Fernando is the one it always has been and an overtaking manoeuvre won’t change it for sure. I already explained after the race what happened and I think it’s useless doing it again, but obviously there’s someone who doesn’t want to understand. If I’ve spoken to Fernando? Sure, just like we talk to each other every day when we’re on the track. We both know very well what Ferrari wants from us drivers and what we have to do on the track.”

Then Fernando:

“I’m surprised by what I’ve been told. I already said it in Shanghai: this episode is creating a stir just because it happened between two teammates. If the other car would have been green or grey, we’d all be celebrating this manoeuvre, but instead we’re just losing time with polemics, where there is nothing to say. Felipe and I are racing and we know that the team’s interest is the most important thing. We know how to behave and we’ve shown it on other occasions during these first races. It’s definitely not the duels on the track, creating problems inside the team and I know this by experience. If someone wants to make a fuss, it definitely won’t ruin the spirit of Ferrari.”

What really makes this Ferrari post is the lead-in to the drivers’ comments:

Felipe and Fernando have been informed about the speculations in some news outlets regarding the consequences on their relationship after the event at the pit lane entrance at the Chinese GP last Sunday. Although they were quite tired after the long trip, both drivers wanted to clear the situation on the official Ferrari website:

Oh, I’m quite sure they did.

Who in the F1B pool had Ferrari imploding first, before Barcelona? Because I think you can begin collecting your winnings…

UPDATE: Here’s more from Luca; it might have been posted soon after I saw the Fernando/Massa piece, or perhaps I didn’t see it in my joy of the above stuff:

Maranello, 20 April – “There is no dispute between Alonso and Massa, they know well what they have to do and will continue doing it, because they know that they are racing for Ferrari and not for themselves.” This is what Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo said last night in Florence, where he was for a meeting, to bring the possible polemics, regarding the two Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro drivers after the event at the pit lane entrance during the Chinese GP last Sunday, to a halt.

Montezemolo also made a joke regarding Valentino Rossi in connection to the still valid possibility of a third car supplied by the big teams to the private teams: “I’d do everything to let Valentino win also in Formula 1 with a Ferrari: when he has won also this Moto GP World Championship… meanwhile let’s hope that we’ll be back to winning ways soon. I thought that Sunday would have been the right occasion: I’ve seen an excellent Alonso in the first five corners, but there was the tiny detail that he had jumped the start…”

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