Ferrari, Honda use a few tokens prior to Canada

It will be interesting to see how things pan out this weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix. Reading Adam Cooper’s piece on development tokens, there seems to be two manufacturers who have used a few in preparation for the race weekend.

Apparently the FIA’s Charlie Whiting released a directive as follows:

“Further to our note on 13 March (TD/008-15) I can confirm that, in preparation for the Canadian Grand Prix, two power unit manufacturers have used some of their allocated ‘tokens’. “As a consequence, and in accordance with Appendix 4 of the F1 Technical Regulations, each manufacturer now has the following number of ‘tokens’ available for use during the 2015 season.

“Mercedes 7

“Ferrari 7 (3 used)

“Renault 12

“Honda 7 (2 used)”

So it seems that Ferrari and Honda have both used a few tokens and I’ll be very keen to see if they’ve made any performance gains against Mercedes…in Honda’s case, any gains in reliability as well as pace.

Meanwhile, Renault seem to be hoarding tokens to unleash the mother of all upgrades and who knows? They could combine them with the allotment for next year if they hang on to them all season long. There is a lot of speculation about how effective this strategy might be so I’ll equally be very keen to see just when they use them and how much performance and reliability they gain.

Hat Tip: Adam Cooper

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Paul KieferJr

So, it’s Ferrari who can practically smell some sort of race victory, and Honda, who is desperate to get off the schneid (and who can blame ’em).

Junipero Mariano

Renault’s contract with Red Bull and Toro Rosso is over at the end of the year (thanks, AUTOSPORT!) and if they still have all their tokens…


Honda have used so many PU components that they will have to take grid penalties anyway, so the timing of the introduction of a new specification of PU is not surprising, with Canada being a power circuit. Ferrari though have used two of most of the components, and introducing an update now is virtually guaranteeing grid penalties later in the year. Or they will need to revert to the lower power unit at some point. Renault have used so many PU that it doesn’t really matter when they choose to introduce their updates, they will be taking a grid penalty… Read more »


I know that this is not part of the discussion, but I saw this video posted in another site and I think that is pretty funny. It is the new blockbuster for this summer, you heard about the Terminator, now watch The Maldonator!!!!!!


I find it odd that while Ferrari have updated the PU for the works team, they haven’t given the updates to either of their customers. While Sauber are still using the same specification of PU as they did at the beginning of the year, Manor are still using a 2014 specification PU.
I wonder what terms Haas have negotiated for the PU they will be using next season? I also wonder what Mercedes will do when they come to use their tokens. This unequal distribution of updates is just another way of keeping the smaller teams behind the Grandee teams.