Ferrari host supplier summit seeking more for 2014

It takes a lot to compete and win in Formula 1. Ferrari know this better than most and last weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix signaled the 65th consecutive race in which a Scuderia Ferrari car has finished in the points. As most F1 fans know, reliability is an essential key to performing well and Ferrari held an event called Formula Reliability to honor that.

As part of a team, Ferrari, like other teams, rely on technical partners, vendors or suppliers to help make their cars the most they can be. Without key partners, components and services would suffer and impact the cars pace drastically. From electronic components to metal, fabrication, raw materials and more.

Ferrari brought together all of their suppliers to have a sit down and discuss what each of them may be able to achieve given the 2014 technical regulations are changing radically. Ferrari knows they have to get their own house in order and initial data suggest their errant wind tunnel has now been remedied. What remains is the notion of demanding the utmost in performance from all of their suppliers.

Team boss Stefano Domenicali said:

“Our suppliers are a very important asset to this team,” said Team Principal Stefano Domenicali. “Their contribution is essential, but now we must pull together to put in an extra effort. The challenges posed by the 2014 technical and sporting regulations are very demanding: to get on top of them, we must work even harder, both on the technological front and in terms of our methodology. I am sure that our partners will know how to find that something extra to get us back to being the best as soon as possible.”

Wrangling together all of your suppliers and telling them to bring their “A” game next year is an interesting event. I’m sure information and excitement about what can be achieved was high but what will be achieved is something else. A Formula Reliability summit seems to be Ferrari’s way of saying, “We’ve got to have all you sods working your tails off because we are and we are demanding that of our suppliers because we don’t want a repeat of this year and we hate losing!”. Good on them.

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