Ferrari is obvious, but dead right about Abu Dhabi

In a word, this weekend is about one thing: reliability.

A DNF to any of the four (counting long-shot Lewis Hamilton) will end hopes for the 2010 drivers’ title.

The Ferrari team, which has been here before, gets the picture, even if it is a bit obvious:

Reliability the number one priority for the Scuderia

Reliability was the main item on the engineers’ agenda. Clearly in a crucial race like the upcoming finale in Abu Dhabi, there can be no margin for error. It will be vital to avoid having any problems right from the start of the weekend, so as to prepare for qualifying and the race down to the smallest possible detail. Between this afternoon and tomorrow, the engineers will join the rest of the crew out in Abu Dhabi, with the drivers arriving in the evening on a direct flight from Sao Paolo.

Throughout the team, both in Maranello and at the track, everyone knows what is at stake, something they are well used to, given that in twelve of the past fourteen years the Scuderia has reached the final round having either already taken a title or still being in the hunt for it. Many elements and factors have changed within the actual team, but Ferrari is always there, at the top of the Formula 1 tree.

The team also reiterates what we all know: Red Bull continues to be faster in qualifying (and practice), but the speeds even out come race day.

The big question, I guess, is whether Ferrari can afford to be slow again come qualifying. Fernando Alonso is in a good position, but he surely could lose out even with a strong drive. What — if anything — can the team do to try to push for pole?

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