Ferrari: Italy not big enough for two

According to Stefano Domenicali, Italy isn’t big enough to handle two F1 races and so has cast his lot behind Monza instead of a race in Rome. In recent years, speculation has been that Rome could host a street circuit GP and I recall then FIA president Max Mosley even visiting Rome for a chat about it.

As time has moved forward, things have gotten more serious about the prospect but Ferrari feel the nation and the current expansion model of FOM/CVC (commercial rights holder) is not conducive to a second grand prix in Italy:

“Our position is very clear and leaves no room for interpretation,” via the official Ferrari website. “Our sport is increasingly expanding the number of countries hosting a grand prix and all the teams are in agreement about that.

“Therefore it is inevitable that it will no longer be possible to have two races in the same nation. It’s not the job of the teams who choose where a grand prix is held, that’s up to the commercial rights holder. Everything else is pure speculation.”

I tend to agree with him. If 20 races are already scheduled, where would Rome fit in this mix and who would have to go? Teams are adamant that 20 is close to maximum for them but like all things F1, we are not privy to negotiations between FOM boss Bernie Ecclestone and existing circuits. He may very well have a race that is leaving and needs to fill the gap. At least we know Monza isn’t on the chopping block having signed a deal earlier this year until 2016.

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