Ferrari keep Raikkonen for 2018

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Ferrari announced today that they will retain Kimi Raikkonen for the 2018 Formula 1 season and this comes amidst rumors of his teammate, Sebastian Vettel extending his contract or leaving for other opportunities. The reality is, with Kimi signed, it offers a well-known teammate for Vettel and clears the table for serious talks with the German about his future.

Kimi has improved this season and perhaps it si the new regulations that allow the drivers to push harder and whil eh hasn’t won and only shows 86 points in the driver’s championship, he has been a more key player in removing points from Mercedes drivers and doing well in the race even if qualifying has still been a bit tricky for him.

The option were relatively limited in the both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have contracts and putting either of their junior drivers in would be slightly premature. Securing Vettel is the key for Ferrari and retaining Kimi may have been part fo their strategy in doing so.

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Peter Riva

Smart move by Ferrari… now if they can just stop stealing his wins… you know, if he’s in the Monte Carlo situation again at Spa, I think he’ll refuse. Spa is his favorite course….

Salvu Borg

I never heard FERRARI asking Kimi to let Vettel past, or Vettel asking team for Kimi to let him past.


Let’s hope signing the new contract is a motivation to perform at his peak, not settle back into ‘laggard’ mode. At the moment Ferrari are fighting for the driver’s championship, thanks to Vettel. But the goal for Ferrari must be the Constructors championship. Kimi needs to be finishing ahead of the Mercedes every time for that to happen.