Ferrari: Kimi or Felipe? Who do you keep?

AlonsoThis story has been regurgitated a thousand times already but ours has a twist. Spanish paper Diario AS has announced that it believe September’s Grand Prix at Monza will the e the date that Ferrari announce their new driver Fernando Alonso. The deal is purportedly a five year contract that will also be accompanied by a new sponsor historically tied to Fernando Alonso in Santander.

Now this is perhaps F1’s best known secret, apart from Max’s spanktacular proclivities, but here is a bigger question for F1 fans; who exactly should Ferrari keep? If Fernando is going to the Scuderia next year, do they keep Felipe Massa who was one point away from the title last year and arguably the better driver or should you keep Kimi Raikkonen the former world champion? before arguing the merits of either Kimi or Felipe, keep in mind the Alonso clause. Fernando is not going to make another mistake like McLaren. He will insist on being number one at the team and unless Ferrari caught him in a weak moment where they did not have to concede that fact, he will not be very keen on having a teammate motivated to create problems for him and his mission. The mission? re-create the Schumacher era with the team firmly behind one driver who has the tools and talent to get it done. I believe both ingredients are present in a Ferrari/Alonso combination.

So given the Alonso clause and the performance of Kimi and Felipe? Who do you pick? Let the opinions begin.

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