Ferrari Le Mans rumor heats up with Alonso, Rossi at the wheel

Ferrari certainly keep toying with the emotions of the Le Mans fans and today’s mention, via Twitter, by Mark Webber has thrown even more fuel on the rumor fire.

“Great to hear that Ferrari looking to return to Le Mans racing too??? Driver line up for 2015/16 @alo_oficial and @ValeYellow46

Le Mans, and its organizing body the ACO, have been reaping the rewards of the official sanctioning or tie-up between the FIA and the new World Endurance Championship (WEC) with more teams entering the series such as Porsche’s LMP1 program in the hands of Mark Webber.

As long-time fans of the series, we would certainly welcome a Ferrari factory effort in the world’s most punishing race and applaud the continued interest in the series by Ferrari. The Italian car maker is no stranger to Le Mans and would represent a serious challenge to Audi’s domination of the sport.

As for Fernando Alonso and Valentino Rossi at the wheel, that would represent two bold moves by the Scuderia. First, allowing their Formula 1 driver to participate in another racing series and secondly, finally marrying their love for motor sport and their love of Valentino Rossi. they’ve been mentioning his name as a possible driver for several years now such is their fascination with the Italian MotoGP champion.

We know that Alonso would have little trouble translating his day job into a Le Mans threat but just how handy a two-wheel champion would be in an LMP1 category Ferrari remains to be seen. Either way, the story would be epic and the return would be a huge move for the boys in Maranello.

The other side of this coin is that Ferrari have mentioned a possible interest and they have been rather critical of the direction that Formula 1 has taken of late and who knows? Perhaps a little goading from Webber/Porsche could get them motivated to come back.

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