Ferrari leads but is it the fastest?

I was chatting with Paul and Mark on Podcast #273 last night and we discussed the Ferrari win but I am not convinced that it’s the fastest car on the grid and I’m in good company. Ferrari’s Stefano Domencali thinks the same thing:

“It’s true – that’s what I said in Silverstone,” Domenicali said.

“I believe that we have not the fastest car. Of course if we had the fastest car it would be easier to win. We need to improve the car.

“We need to make sure our car is good in all the different conditions: wet, dry, different kind of tyres and so on.

“For sure in such a tight championship you need to develop the car race-by-race otherwise you will lose points because the competition is so strong.

“You think that today the first three cars were in two or three seconds, whatever it is, it’s tough.

“Consider that Fernando did 67 laps of qualifying. They [McLaren and Red Bull] are very strong.”

What do you think? Is it the fastest car or is it very close with, arguably, the fastest driver? There was always the notion, back in the late 90’s and early noughties that Michael Schumacher was worth 7/10’s and that concept was carried through to Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. He’s won three times this season in a obstinate car and most Formula One fans know that’s quite some doing. You can never discount the work that Pat Fry and the folks at Maranello have done in the development war either. the team’s hay days have always included a top British technical brain at the helm and Fry is really excelling here.

If the Ferrari F2012 isn’t the fastest car on the grid, which on is and why is it not winning? Let us know your thoughts in comment section below.


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