Ferrari left performance at Maranello

Ferrari looked quick but seriously lacked the performance to even stay in the same sector with Lewis Hamilton this weekend. Ferrari have done well the last two Grands Prix but this weekend it looked as if they left their real performance at home on the door step as they rushed to get to China.

At first blush I was contributing different race strategies as the disparity but Felipe Massa’s pit stops were coinciding with Lewis Hamilton’s, as was Kimi Raikkonen’s, leaving most Ferrari fans to scratch their heads as to why Ferrari could have been so far off pace this weekend. Even more disconcerting is Stefano’s apparent head scratching, right along with the Tifosi, as to the reasons. This doesn’t bode well for the Drivers Title in two weeks and if this lack of pace isn’t solved, it could cost them the Constructors Title as well. Let us hope that the leader of Ferrari has some better understanding of his teams lack of pace than McLaren or BMW. If Stefano is to keep Ferrari at the top of the heap; he’d better have more insight to his cars lack of pace than ‘I don’t know’ or 2009 may be a long entry into another dark era for the red team. Faith being placed at their doorstep, i would find it hard to believe as there are some very intelligent folks at Ferrari but nonetheless, their year may have run its course this weekend. We’ll see.

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