Ferrari loses case against FIA rules


A French court today rejected Ferrari’s bid to block the FIA’s controversial regulation changes for 2010.

The French court, however, refused to grant the injunction to Ferrari with Judge Jacques Gondran de Robert ruling that Ferrari had failed to use a veto against the new rules at meetings of FIA World Motor Sport Council in March and April when the matter was discussed.

Ferrari did vote against the new rules at these meetings but did not go as far as issuing a veto which was its right

If the court had found in favour of Ferrari it would have been a major blow for F1’s governing body which is intent on lowering the costs in a bid to attract new teams like Lola and Aston Martin.

Source AFP

I am not privy to the previous meeting notes but if there were actual votes during those meeting regarding the budget cap concept, then Ferrari did miss the boat. But if those meetings merely discussed to notion and the FIA said they were moving in that direction, I am not sure this ruling makes sense. If there was a formal vote? Then yes. If there was merely discussion? Then no. A would be surprised if a court determined when the best time to register a veto would have been if there was no formal vote process during those previous meetings. That is all guesswork on my part as I have no information to substantiate my theory but I do not recall the FIA actually mentioning that they voted on the budget cap regulations while Ferrari were present. It may very well have happened but I just don’t recall it.

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