Ferrari: No second race in Italy, but how about a third car for Maranello?


Today F1B is clicking on all four cylinders. (We’ve already moved onto the 2013 specs around here.)

Negative Camber a little bit ago posts about Stefano Domenicali’s not wanting a second race in Italy, and now I’ll follow that up with Luca di Montezemolo wanting a third car for his team from Maranello.

See how that works? Clever, indeed.

Ferrari’s president, in another dinner with journalists — I think, given the timing, not the same one where he tossed Felipe Massa beneath the bus — says he will continue to push for Formula 1 teams to be allowed to run a third car. Oh, and that testing ban thing? Bad and stupid. Here’s Luca:

“The small teams? Honestly, I feel it would be better to have the opportunity of running a third car rather than seeing cars that would struggle even in GP2,” said di Montezemolo. “It’s an idea we will put forward again strongly for the future.”

He also believes the current ban on in-season testing is unhealthy for the sport.

“Then we must unblock this absurd limitation on testing,” he said.

“Formula 1 is the only sport in which there is no chance to train. It is like asking Real Madrid, Milan or Inter to play with smooth-soled boots in the rain or not to warm-up before a Champions League game.”

He also complained about the new circuits and the lack of overtaking on them, but that’s so “been there, done that” I won’t even bother you with it.

I’m not sure there’s much need for any of us to debate the merits of the testing ban, but what about filling the grid with more Ferraris and McLarens rather than HRTs or Virgins? Sure, it would mean more cars at the sharp end, but would it be more competitive — especially with team orders OK? Might there be just another red car trying to stay in front of Mark Webber rather than trying to win a race?

My point being: I think that more teams naturally makes for more competition, but … yeah, if those teams can’t compete, it’s a problem.

Is there a better balance to be had that what now exists in F1?

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