Ferrari plan ‘Red’ rally for Michael Schumacher

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While Michael Schumacher remains in critical condition, Ferrari have announced via their Facebook page that they would like to host a silent and respectful rally at the hospital in Grenoble to honor the 7-time champion on his birthday Friday January 3rd.

“In these difficult days and on the occasion of his birthday the SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUBS want to show their support for MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, organising tomorrow a silent and respectful event all in Red at the Grenoble University Hospital Center.”

Schumacher remains in critical condition today and the hospital is planning no media updates. That does bring to mind the notion that the hospital does have other patients and duties and should the event garner a large participation, it could be challenging for the hospital to manage.

I would hope the Ferrari clubs will also provide some sort of crowd management and security for the event. We’ve already seen a journalist impersonate a priest in order to try and sneak into Schumacher’s room so having a throng of ardent fans may be a challenge as well.

Having a throng of supporters is most likely appreciated by Corinna but at this moment, the only thing she’s likely to really care about is her husband.

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