Autosport has done a terrific job of summing up events to date. Seems our man Mike Coughlan, who worked with Nige at Benetton, recieved a package from Nige with technical information. Both home were searched and items if interest confiscated. You can read the all the details at the link above.

Here is the shocking issue. That Nige was disgruntled is no secret but that McLaren would allow their technical personnel to accept such information is reprehensible. This sport has taken a bloody nose with Indy a few years ago and the intrigue of spys is well and good but tampering with cars and sending secret information is below Nige, Mike and McLaren. In light of this information; I don’t blame Ferrari. I think McLaren should be looking at a penalty of some sort if it can be proven they used this technical data to enhance performance (judging by last years performance, I am inclined to say it has). From best of the rest to top in constructors and drivers is starting to seem specious. If McLaren were totally ligit; this year may be marred by allegations and recriminations festering among the peerless halls of F1.

Mr. Dennis: Best to come clean on what was done and take the high road (you know, the one less traveled) and exhonorate your man Lewis before this young mans championship is tarnished and the name McLaren resides in the “cheaters” catagory. Just my arrogant opinion. ;)

FIA Investigate: Never fear, MAX is on the case and you know how the French organizations love a good conspiracy i.e. Landis, Armstrong, Basso and Ulrich.

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