Ferrari poach Lotus F1 again, does that ‘hurt a little bit’?

All is fair in love and….Formula 1. Ferrari announced earlier this year that Lotus F1 technical director James Allison would be returning to the team. This week the Italian team announced that Lotus F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen would be coming across to team with Fernando Alonso in 2014. Today? Dirk de Beer will be leaving Lotus F1 for Maranello.

As an aerodynamicist, De Beer is believed to be working alongside of current Ferrari aero man Loic Bigois. It is complicated enough to lose your star driver and your technical director but losing your aero brain is yet another blow that will have Lotus F1 posting more pictures of rabbits mating.

Lotus F1 has been rumored to be struggling for cash and while an investment company, Infinity Racing, has come into the fold, replacing key personnel may prove more difficult and costly than replacing Kimi Raikkonen. Lotus F1 said they had a plan B for the loss of Raikkonen, I wonder if they have a plan B for De Beer?

Lotus F1 is the little team that could and one has to admit that Ferrari’s poaching means that they were/are doing something right. Let’s hope they can replace three key roles and keep the cash flowing.

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