Ferrari ready to ‘kick a$$’

Bravado alone doesn’t win world championships, if that were the case; Nelson Piquet would still be winning championships to this day. No, it takes an entire product from personnel to materials, design, supplier relationships, resources (cash) and patience. Having $500 million to throw at the project doesn’t hurt either.

However, new Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne has certainly brought the bravado in the front door at Maranello this week proclaiming that he wants the Ferrari F1 team to return to its winning ways quickly and he’s willing to make a few mistakes in getting there.

“A non-winning Ferrari on the Formula 1 track is not Ferrari,” said Marchionne.

“We’ve got to kick some ass and we’ve got to do it quickly,” he added. “It takes what it takes. We might screw up, but we’ve got nothing to lose, right? Let’s risk something.”

It’s hard to find video of this epic moment in time when Sergio inspired the Italian troops but I think David Ryder—aka Big McLaregehuge—is as close to the real event as possible:

[vsw id=”yeAxbInWwu8″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Come to think of it, I think I might just start calling Sergio, Big McLargehuge. The new boss feels that getting back on top is his main objective and it’s a real shame it wasn’t Luca’s? Stefano’s? He says that he doesn’t mind bad luck but can’t handle the notion of it becoming a structural element of the brand. It’s a shame he didn’t plant the current overused business term about some sort of “inflection point” being reached…real missed opportunity for cheap business-speak there.

Either way, Big McLargehuge has a track record of doing one thing—kicking ass. He’s turned around a company or two and has big ambition, drive and passion for what he does. He even has the bravado to go along with it. That’s a good thing because along with the aforementioned elements, that’s what it takes to win in Formula 1. I did chuckle because can you imagine Luca saying something like, We’re going to kick some ass!

Hat Tip: Autocar via our friend James Allen

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