Ferrari: reshuffle has Baldisserri staying home

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Luca baldisserri
Ferrari is certainly struggling this year. Two Grands Prix in to the season and not a point to show for the beleaguered Scuderia; the worst start since 1992. Luca di Blah, blah, blah had an urgent, all-hands-on-deck meeting last week and Ferrari have made some major job changes. This includes moving people from the team to other departments withing the Ferrari empire and one of those people is Race Engineer Luca Baldisserri. It appears that part of Ferrari’s plan is to increase the horsepower at the home office who coordinates with the trackside team for immediate developments. That is what the announcement suggests anyway.

Seems Race Engineers are moving around a lot these days with Dave Ryan being sacked at McLaren and now Luca being left at home to contemplate what the team have actually done with the F60. The recent qualifying debacle in Malaysia and the poor strategy during the race may have shone a bright light on just where these issues are occurring and what should be done about it. No matter how you spin this, it isn’t looking like a grand situation for Luca.

Ferrari had better find some pace and magic pixie dust quickly or this could be a horrible year for the maker and that usually means heads will roll. Luca may be the least of the worries that Stefano faces if his team doesn’t turn around quickly. In fact, Stefano just may be joining the others in a reduced or eliminated role within the prancing stallion.


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