Ferrari schools you on F1, from A to Z

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Apparently not content to chill during the summer break, the team at Ferrari has put together a “Formula 1 Alphabet” to explain a bunch of the sport’s jargon.

You know, things like downforce, graining, pitch and valve. It’s not yet complete, but what they have together is right here.

Take a look, report back on what may make sense or where you think Maranello missed the mark.

But if that were it, this wouldn’t be really worth the post, right? But that’s not all! You also can help add to the list; I’ll let Ferrari explain:

[Y]ou can get involved in a new element to this project by sending an email to, putting in the Subject line #Formula1Alphabet and asking for the meaning of a word linked to our sport. We will try and deal with the most common requests and also the most unusual!

You of course know what this means. We must inundate Ferrari with one question: “Why DRS?” If they get a few hundred of those, they’ll have to response, right? And then Paul Charsley will be able to sleep more easily.


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