Ferrari, Schumacher and Todt, together again

With news of Mick Schumacher joining Ferrari’s young driver program, the two names are brought back together but one thing is missing…where is Todt? The Ferrari, Schumacher, Todt era was an impressive domination of the sport. As the boss of Ferrari, Jean Todt was instrumental in building the perfect beast but he then moved on to replace Max Mosley as the FIA president.

Not to worry, Mick will now be represented by Jean’s son, Nicolas Todt, who has a very handy driver management company that manages some familiar names in the sport such as Felipe Massa and Charles Leclerc.

Todt started his All Road Management (ARM) 15 or so years ago and invests in the drivers they manage. He also helped create the ART team with Frederic Vasseur before selling shares and bowing out.

Back in the day, Mick’s father, Michaael, was managed by Willie Webber. Webber was a cunning manager and not always everyone’s cup of tea. Todt seems a little more relaxed in his approach.

One could imagine Todt working with Ferrari and their satellite teams such as Haas or Sauber to find a home in the near future on the grid in F1 for young Mick. IF Leclerc is the eventual Vettel replacement, then perhaps there’s room at the inn for Mick sooner than later at Ferrari. Time will tell and Mick has a lot to prove before getting there.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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It’s the reunion tour!

(….or is it?)


Even more so: Schumi’s helped Vettel’s carrier. Vettel assists Mick, part-owning the team he’s previously driven for.
I’d much rather see Mick partener Seb at Ferrari, sending an overrated, engine-setting-assisted Leclerc (2018) to Haas, or back to Sauber for 2020…