Ferrari sell 300 cars…to China! Yeah, home of the empty seat grand prix


As the economic outlook is still sluggish in many circles, Ferrari has a lot to crow about. They sold 300 cars in China this year and with the sales to both Hong Kong and Taiwan, this places the nation amongst their top five markets. How’s that for doing some selling? If I were Ron Dennis, I would get a salesman over to China post Haste! Seems there is a market for exotic spots cars and wouldn’t the folks at McLaren like to sell a few of those new orange cars they have?

Rest assured, none of the Ferrari’s sold in China had a 4-cylinder turbo engine with KERS so Luca di Montezemolo has a real case against the FIA regulation. Let’s say the Chinese Ferrari consumer is a cheap, tightwad and only spent $150K on their model. That’s $45MM large and that ‘ain’t bad. That will pay for Fernando Alonso and some of the perks you gave him. Now how do we pay for his teammate Felipe Massa? Oh yeah, we just get rid of him and get a young paying driver and we have it made.

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