Ferrari sign Raikkonen for 2017

Ferrari have re-signed Kimi Raikkonen for the 2017 season ending speculation that Sergio Perez, Valtteri Bottas or any other driver might be taking that seat.

One of Kimi’s most beloved character traits is his no-fuss approach to Formula 1. He isn’t rattled by much but he isn’t jazzed by much either. The point is, he’s no drama and with Mercedes struggling to keep their top dogs under the porch, Ferrari’s desire for a harmonious driver pairing makes sense.

Sticking with the evil you know is a term often used and has some logic especially when trying to get a car chassis and engine sorted. Sergio Marchionne was suggesting that Kimi’s performance needed to pick up but the Finn has done well this year and the lack of drama is a positive so the team can get on with the business of making a 2017 car. Ferrari said:

“Scuderia Ferrari announces that it has renewed its technical and racing agreement with Kimi Raikkonen. The driver line-up for the 2017 racing season will still consist of the Finnish driver and Sebastian Vettel.”

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charlie white

Thus ends speculation on the 2nd biggest talking point on the 2016 silly season.

Dr T

So… as per usual Kimi was on the shortlist to replace Kimi

Max Johnson

Evil wouldn’t be the term I attribute to Kimi. He is currently equal in points with Vettel. The next year cars may suit Kimi style more and he can gives valuable feedbacks to the team for things like tyres and setup changes which is needed at this time. This you may not get from a younger driver who is also trying to prove themselves so can destabilize the team. I feel that some may think Kimi is a good 2nd driver to Vettel. It seems to be the case for a while, but now it seems he might have found… Read more »

Negative Camber

It’s a turn of phrase, mate, of course I’m not saying he’s evil. It means sticking with what you know…good and bad.

peter riva

Actually the expression is “the devil you know…” no?

peter riva

technical and racing agreement” is an interesting spin… can anyone see if they have ever included what word “technical” before? If not, it may be an indication of Kimi’s value OR may be a precursor to a change in Kimi’s role there.


I nominate Ferrari for Donkey of the Season, for once again choosing a conservative strategy that not only has no hope of winning them anything, but also significantly undermines the potential entertainment value of the Silly Season.