Ferrari Spying Still An Issue?

The release of Ferrari’s new hole nose concept this week in Barcelona is a unique looking device but not so much if you read Autosprint’s article and sketches back in February and now that the nose has been revealed, it has come as some shock on how detailed and exclusive the leak is.

After the sacking of Nigel Stepney, Mike Coughlan and a $100M fine, it just may seem that Ferrari may still have a spy or leak in their organization. This starts to make one wonder about Nigel’s claims of innocence or at least find some release in total condemnation should there be another ‘disgruntled’ employee handing out Ferrari technical data.

In the end game, Ferrari needs to get its house in order before leveraging anything against other teams etc. The McLaren debacle was justified but Ferrari’s involvement, accountability AND responsibility in this farce has been largely glossed over. As a Ferrari fan I must admit that my team is looking very dodgy if they can’t control their data. Time for a lock-down boys!

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