Ferrari test new HALO device

Thursday morning in Barcelona saw Ferrari trial the device known as the Halo on Kimi Raikkonen’s car.

The Finn completed a couple of installation laps with the Halo attached to his car, before returning to the pits to have the device removed before his testing session continued as normal.

“[The] first impression on the visibility test is positive,” Raikkonen said. “The structure does not hamper [visibility].”

That’s good news because from the outside looking in, I would be concerned over visibility and especially those circuits with track elevation such as Spa Francorchamps and COTA.

A number of potential cockpit protection options are still being researched, however the latest F1 Commission meeting recognized that the Halo, originally developed by Mercedes, is the preferred option for introduction as soon as the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship season.

Ferrari Halo test

“The good news is that the three structures we tested performed as expected or better than expected,” FIA Safety Direct Laurent Mekies told AUTO. “On top of that we have received great guidance from Charlie [Whiting] from the beginning of the project, and a lot of support from the teams who provided us with all their calculations and design power, which has made this step forward possible.

“We are pushing very hard to integrate it as early as possible,” Mekies continued. “I’m sure it will trigger a few connected research topics, to assess visibility, extrication and some of the other aspects, so I’m expecting some validation testing to be done in the course of the next six months. But we’re all trying to make that cut.

“The real deadline is the teams’ timing to modify their cars accordingly and our capability to assess all the connected issues,” Mekies concluded. “Design is done very much in advance in F1, therefore if we want to make 2017 it needs to be decided in the next few months. Nobody wants to rush these things but we are all trying to go as fast as possible.”

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Mitchell Walton Davis

I can’t help but think this looks like a pair of ladies undergarments.


Is that a mankini on your head?

Who’s against safety now?


We all know DRS was pushed for sponsors promotion, it’s a large surface area that you can put a sponsor logo on. So if they do it right, this could be another opportunity, though it would have to be aero beneficial. I guess you can put something like Victoria Secret logo on it.


Yet another device of dubious “safety” benefit. Now all we need are larger tires, some really cool looking fenders, and a removable body partition to assist the entry and exit of the operator. While we’re at it – let’s limit the number of people who can be in the pits to 4 or 6 and drop the speed limit another 10kph. And now that I think about it, peeling out of the pit lane can’t be good for safety (or the environment) either; so asses a stop and go penalty for every wheel spin. Make the races a little longer… Read more »

Herb Dressing

OMG!!! The cars have flammable liquids on board. They have dangerous electricity. There is only a tiny patch of rubber in contact with the track…..and they go very very fast…..with no safety barrier between them.

In our “we have to do SOMETHING” world, let’s just brainstorm every conceivable risk to the driver, the pit crew and the spectators, then paint everything safety yellow, remove any sharp edges and cover what’s left in bubble wrap.

Tom Firth

It’s a prototype of the concept, and are testing it out of the season, good move by F1. Be good to see how the concept develops before passing judgement.


If the car flipped over and landed upside down resting on it’s airbox, there’s no way to extricate the drive with the halo or even with the RB canopy device in place. I can’t even see how a quick release mechanism could be incorporated that would work in this situation. How is it safe, never mind safer?


Is the intention that this will become the roll over structure, or will it break off if the car rolls? It doesn’t look well enough supported to survive if the car flips over.


If it broke off when the car rolled, it could take out the driver’s head. I’d definitely want it to be strong enough to act as a roll bar, in wihch case Glenn’s right in that it would trap the driver inside an up-ended car.




I didn’t see your picture before I submitted my post, but yep I agree with you

Paul KieferJr

I’m surprised that Raikkonen can actually work with that thing….
….unless he drives with his eyes closed. O_O!


Is it me or that “halo” looks like the strap of a flip flop.

Nigel Cass

Safety? Yeah I am against it if it means this rubbish.


Could they not have found another driver to give better feedback than Kimi? Kimi is a man of few words, and there are still lots of questions about this.

Prakhar Mehrotra

I think the question we have to ask ourselves is “Why is this device being introduced and what is the problem it is trying to solve” I think the reason it is being introduced is as a reaction to the Bianchi incident and showing the world that F1 is DOING SOMETHING. Everyone has acknowledged that this device would not have saved Bianchi. It also would not have helped Massa. Rather, things like the virtual safety car and change in procedures have a much bigger impact in the overall safety in the sport without detracting from its core DNA. However, these… Read more »


If they must introduce this monstrosity, make it an optional accessory that drivers can choose to install if they want it. After all, its supposed to be protecting the drivers, they should have some say in the matter.

Andreas Möller

The device Ferrari showed is not the real thing – at least going by Ted Kravitz’ comments, the real deal will be structural (this was simply a bolt on) and made from steel tubing rather than carbon fiber. Although the exact specifications seems to be a bit of a mystery. For instance, I get what “structural” means (as it being an integral part of the survival cell), but not how to make it out of steel tubing without turning it into a “bolt on” device. But for it to be structural, doesn’t that mean it can’t be designed to swing… Read more »


Did you see the pic Lewis posted? I guess Bernie is doing a lot of phone calls today.