Ferrari to use pit light…again

Ferrari pit light
If first you don’t succeed, and you pull a fuel rig down the pit lane and release cars into oncoming traffic, try again. Yes, Ferrari have decided that tranquility is what they need and what provides a more tranquil experience than a frenetic pit light system that shaves microseconds off of a pitstop ? That is when it’s not releasing cars to run over crew members and drag fuel rigs down the pitlane? Ahhh…the tranquil thought of chaos and carnage.

From Autosport:

Team principal Stefano Domenicali said after taking the decision to rest the light system: “In this moment we need tranquillity and therefore we prefer to go back to the old system.”

Following the season, Ferrari conducted a full analysis of what went wrong in their pitstops this year and, following procedural and software changes, they are now confident that they have put in place failsafe systems that will prevent a car being released early.

A Ferrari spokesman told “We can confirm our plan is to use the pit light system again. We will test the modifications soon and then see how we progress from there.”

Ferrari’s team manager Luca Baldisserri told Italian newspaper La Stampa that the team were confident they had eradicated any problems with their pitstop lights.

“We’ve analysed the mistakes made in 2008 and we’ve improved the system,” he said. “An electronic program will prevent the car from leaving when the fuel hose is still attached.”

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