Ferrari want more testing

Ferrari are lamenting the fact that they own a test track in their backyard but can’t use it according to a Formula One testing ban for 2013. Last year the team agreed to a test at Mugello in which Red Bull suggested it really turned into a great test for Ferrari and no one else. That may have been true as ferrari made significant gains after that test and the team would like to see a testing session in 2013 as well.

Ferrari may have their own test track and while that played a role int he rampant testing of the 1990’s, it also could be used very judiciously to prepare for the 2014 season. Team boss Stefano Domenicali told F1 Racing magazine:

“The testing situation is ridiculous,” Domenicali said.

“At the end of the day it is ridiculous – I use this word again – that we are not able to use this track [Fiorano].

“I use the example to my chairman [Luca di Montezemolo]: it’s like going to play a football match after just watching the simulation on the computer. We were too far a couple of years ago and we are now too far on the other hand.

“So now, with the other teams, we try to convince them that we need to find another balance. And I am positive we can find a solution.”

Ultimately no testing seems a bit extreme and a complete testing team and car seems like an extreme on the other end but could there be a happy medium? Surely the teams would like to use testing to help develop the 2014 chassis and having a test session or certain amount of testing days per year would be something easy to manage?

Having said that, I was intrigued at the approved test sessions last year for young drivers and how the teams tacked on the location (in Abu Dhabi) and used Silverstone instead. There seemed to be a differing opinions on testing due, simply, to the cost of testing.

We’ll see if the looming 2014 regulation changes soften the teams up to a testing program in 2013.

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