Ferrari: yeah, we knew we were doomed back in July

I don’t want to seem Pollyanna about it but I tend to dislike when teams make comments that are contradictory to their previous statements in hindsight. Sure, we all knew Ferrari were having difficulties last summer but they were adamant at the time that this was something they were on top of and would be charging back after the front runners. They had no qualms about what the issues were and they were going to try harder.

In the end, that didn’t seem to matter as they lost the world championship to Red Bull this weekend but the comments made about the season in hindsight are a bit off-putting as AUTOSPORT shares:

“I think honestly there were two moments when I realised that the situation was becoming quite complicated,” explained Domenicali.

“One was around July when we saw that we didn’t have the step in performance related to the upgrades that we were hoping to have.

“That was a sign of alarm I saw very clearly.

“The second moment was in the second half of the season.

“If you think about Spa and Monza the situation was not so bad if you forget Sebastian and Red Bull, but we were not able to gain with the change of tyre specification, while we saw the others did a big gain.

“They were the two alarms that I saw during the season. They were the moments when I realised that things were not going in the right direction.”

So we all pretty much knew back then that we were screwed. Sure, we all knew that was most likely the case but don’t tell us that at the end. Makes us look silly for even cheering back then. Oh well, such is the life of a Ferrari fan. Thanks Stefano, come next July I think I’ll reserve my cheering until the end when we both have the beauty of hindsight.

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