Ferrari’s new logo…smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

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Ferrari has decided to announce, and share a peek, a new logo for 2011. I will adorn everything team related next year including Stefano’s socks and Fernando’s wife-beater T-Shirt.

That’s terrific news as thousands were egregiously compelled to start smoking this year whilst gazing on the UPC code logo infamously lambasted by “them”…you know who you are.

The new logo looks…well, a pack of Marlboro Reds. Not Camel Raw-backs but Marlboro Reds. Why? It’s because Philip Morris has done such a damn good job of associating their brand with Ferrari that whenever you see anything from Ferrari, you think of Marlboro Reds! For crying out loud people! It’s called branding and shouldn’t be a mystery.

The UPC code, the box and now this awful thing can all be associated with smoking because Ferrari is associated with Philip Morris. You really didn’t think they would spend $50 million a year and not make the best use of their marketing dollar did you? Are you new to tobacco advertising? This is what they do.

Anyway, here is the logo and you can decide but perhaps those who know what’s best for us can rise and save us from ourselves. If I’m honest, this new logo looks hastily made and doesn’t present context, community or continuity to me. You have to speak to Italy and the Tifosi community, it needs context for your sponsor and team and a continuity that embraces a cyclical nature to it as well as a flow that creates action. Sorry guys, I love you but I think we missed with this one.


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