Ferrari’s picks: Massa, Hulkenberg or Di Resta

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Ferrari is leaning toward retaining Felipe Massa next season, the BBC is reporting, although Force India’s two drivers — Nico Hulkenberg and Paul di Resta (sorry Adrian!) — are in the mix.

Here’s what Andrew Benson’s reporting:

Massa has reignited his chances of keeping the seat with some strong performances in recent races.

But the team want to wait until at least mid October after the Korean Grand Prix before deciding.

Both German Hulkenberg and Scot di Resta have produced impressive performances this season.

In mid-summer, Ferrari were planning to drop Massa, who has been racing for the Scuderia since 2006.

But the Brazilian has put himself back in the picture with a series of strong drives since the end of F1’s summer break, as well as a general upturn in his performances after a poor start to the season.

Seemingly working in Felipe’s favor is that Fernando Alonso supports keeping him. Along with everyone else in the world, I assume that’s about the best endorsement Massa could get. I’m not sure Stefano Domenicali’s backing would be more important.

According to Benson, Ferrari is hoping to hold off on a decision for a few more weeks to make sure Massa holds his form. Benson also says there’s a knowledgeable source out there claiming a deal already has been inked with Hulkenberg.

Because, you know, Silly Season can’t be silly without some silliness.

I’m going to say this about as clearly as I can: From among Hulkenberg, di Resta and Massa, I don’t think there’s even competition for whom Ferrari should choose.

It’s Massa, hands down. Maybe not for too many years (and maybe just long enough to let a young driver — what’s Sergio Perez up to, by the way? — get into “Ferrari form”), but for 2013? Definitely Massa.

Heck, let’s just state it now: Massa 0-13!


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